Turn your boneless venison into Ski's famous brats, snack sticks and summer sausage!

fresh sausage (brats)

1. we will make you an order of any size (min. 5 LBS venison per batch)
2. we will add 6 LBS of pork for every 5 LBS of venison
3. your brats will be made with your venison (and yours only!)!!!
4. $3.39/ LB

venison grinding (burger)

1. we will add the % of beef or pork you would like (40% suggested)
2. $0.80/ LB grinding charge
3. adding beef $3.49/ LB
4. adding pork $1.99/ LB
5. your burgers will be made with your venison (and only yours!)!!!

snack sticks

1.  min. order 5LB per flavor (your venison only 16LB minimum order)

2.  1 lb pork added to each 2 lb venison

3.  snack sticks will have a 30% shrink in the smokehouse

4.  $4.99/LB mixed venison (5LB minimum per flavor) (your venison only $5.99/LB )

jerky (with only your venison)

1. restructured (ground) or whole muscle available
2. 50% shrink in smokehouse
3. $6.99/ LB 

summer sausage

1. min. order 5 LBS
2. 1 LB pork added to every 2 LB venison
3. 15% shrink in smokehouse
4. $4.99/ LB


we guarantee that your brats and burger will be made with YOUR venison

snack sticks can be made with your own veison with a minimum of 16LBS per flavor

summer sausage and snack sticks are processed in large batches, so these items will be processed with other venison, but all venison thoroughly checked for freshness and quality.


we will process your order as quickly as possible

we will call you as soon as your order is ready. any order not picked up within 2 weeks will receive a $5.00/ week freezer charge